I'm glad Richard won.

Anybody would be better than nobody.


That's Brender playing the piano.

I was really moved by this.

She is wearing a light blue outfit.

They rolled around in the grass.

One hutong connects with another, siheyuans connect with other siheyuans to form a block, and blocks join with other blocks to form the whole city.

The tornado destroyed the whole village.

Beer is taxed according to its malt content, so low-malt beer is cheaper.

I want you to go back to Boston tomorrow.

I just fainted. That's all.


You think that I am a loose woman, don't you Ritalynne?

Did you plan something for tomorrow evening?

It is necessary for you to start at once.

Hilda held out her hand to show everybody her engagement ring.

Dieter had an alibi for the day of Ahmed's murder.

We'll get right to it.

Now everyone has one.

I like that kind of stuff.

Izchak wants to go for a walk.

Was that just my imagination?

We were all on the same bus.

I have a strange problem.

Tell me what you think about Fred.


Why did you tell her?

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.

The bride greatly resented being left at the church.

As he gets older, your son will grow more independent.

In case of an emergency, what number should I call?


Is this book Winnie's?

Isn't it black?

Success is punished in this country.

I returned from Boston on October 20th.

This dress fits you well.

That is money down the drain.

We should call him.

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The shards of thought were scattered on the ground.

This bride is covering her face with a veil.

You should associate with people who you believe are trustworthy.


How are your parents getting along?

I opened the drawer.

It is raining worse than ever.


Kumiko is as tall as Jan.

She idled away many hours on the beach.

You be quiet.


My heart leapt with joy.


Why would Jan want that?

I just wish it were easier to do.

This movie theater has two floors.

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Omar lives in seclusion and rarely sees anyone.

Sheep are feeding in the meadow.

Call me if you find Brett.

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"Is this free?" "Nothing is free! Death is free, and even death will cost you your life!"

We have no other option.

Please do not touch.

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What does Walter want to do?

It's five to four.

Edmund told Adlai the whole story.

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I need to get Chris some help.

Let's just get rid of her.

The roof was damaged by the storm.

I don't appreciate being set up.

I wonder if you are as busy as we are.

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Just a minute, please. I'll call him to the phone.

How do you deal with it?

I don't want him to touch me.

Melinda doesn't know how computers work.

I need to know what you know.

I don't see a problem with it.

I get only five days off this summer.

Did Marika like Japanese comic books?

Let's continue working together to make that happen.

This is a tough one.

Magnus is going up the stairs.

Robin lives down the hall.

I started this job an hour ago.

I hadn't planned on staying so long.

I won't put up with that.

This is the same pen that I lost yesterday.

Business prevented him from going to the concert.

We didn't know the truth.

It happened prior to my arrival.

He opens the window.

He's been having trouble with back pain for years.


That bar is one of his favorite haunts.

This is definitely not what I wanted.

Finishing this job by Tuesday will be easy.


What're you reading?

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Mitch has done what he can.


I confess I'm afraid to go by myself.


For a moment he stood motionless, as if turned to stone.


It is raining all the time.

Enlist yourselves!

I was on a tour.


The king took his clothes off.

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There has been no rain here for the past two weeks.

This is our favorite dinner.

We're wasting precious time.

I didn't know you were coming by.

He is the real racist for saying that.

I don't think it's weird at all.

I see a big smile on your face. You must be happy.

There were beads of sweat on his forehead.

She doesn't like wearing heels.

Raphael looked at the floor.

Revised didn't have the courage to go there by himself.

This is the last train, sir.

Do you like this book?


This loaf of bread is big.

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It'll be ready soon.


Scientists may have to reexamine their conventional theories about one of the most mysterious and disgusting substances in the universe: cold, old coffee.

This is obviously just a big misunderstanding.

It took me three hours to write the letter.

I won a prize in the spelling competition.

I wonder where to hang the picture he gave me.

Guards are stationed 'round the clock at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Donovan woke us up.


It has to be there.

Denis just came to see me.

The giraffe is the tallest of all animals.

We'll have to deal with that before we leave.

She was run over by a car.

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I think I'm going to pass.

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I want to talk to your manager.

It's the perfect weekend music!

I'll call him tonight.

I can help if you want.

She helped a patient.

I had a mishap.

You only have 24 hours left to decide.

We must develop renewable energy sources.

"Looks like Maki's a twin!" Ken said. "Really now," I replied, totally uninterested. Maki was a member of a ukulele club that ran beside our club in the school lounge. She looked lovely in Ken's eyes, but to me she was just the sixth cutest girl in class - average, in my opinion.


Granville obviously needs our help.

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Did you drink in college?

Jock was the first one who explored Hubert's body.

You were married, weren't you?

It won't be a long time before he gets well.

This sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie.


Please remember to wake me up at seven tomorrow.

That's not going to get me in trouble.

The students hitchiked.

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What makes you think that Dawson is going to be late again?

He found all his efforts of no avail.

We talked.


You can take it, I really don't need it as much as you think.


The woman tastes the bread.

I had hoped to finish it yesterday.

The weekly appears on Thursday.

You cannot see heaven until you are dead yourself.

You should see the sight.


Why did you leave Sri alone?

I know you're telling the truth.

Harris is going back to prison.

She is wearing a blue dress.

I had no work yesterday.


Remember that very little is needed to make a happy life.

I remember seeing you before.

Bite your tongue.

The box is leaning to one side.

"We need to get ready for the party." "Oh, was that tonight?"

They were waiting for him.

You're all heart, Cristopher.

Johnnie's patience has run out.

Don't talk to me about him.